26V eFuse

Conventional fuses (glass tube fuses and chip fuses) protect circuits by fusing the built-in alloy parts due to Joule heat when the current exceeds the rated value. However, these physical fuses have disadvantages such as slow fusing time, indefinite breaking current, and the need for replacement work due to destruction by a single over-current event.
Unlike conventional fuses, the eFuse (electronic fuse) has a fast current blocking function because the MOSFET is quickly turned off when excessive current flows. In addition, it is not destroyed by a single over-current event and can be used repeatedly. Therefore, this product can reduce maintenance costs and recovery time for repairs. Besides, it can merge various protection functions such as over-voltage protection, over-temperature protection, and short-circuit protection.
Another advantage is that eFuse realizes much simpler circuit designs with fewer components and a smaller area than discrete parts.
This product lineup provides two types of products: one is the auto-retry type, that is, the efuse recovers the circuit by itself; the other is the latch type, that is, the recovery is performed through external signals so that customers can choose the appropriate eFuse IC product according to their requirements.

Part No. Vin_min (V) Vin_max (V) Configuration Loading (A) Rdson (mΩ) Output Discharge Adjustable Soft Start Timing Current Limit Reverse Voltage Blocking VIN/VOUT Breakdown OVP OTP
4.5 24 Single 5 24 Option 26V
4.5 24 Single 4 30 Option 26V
4.5 24 Single 3 55 Option 26V
4.5 24 Single 10 N/A Option N/A 26V