USB Type-C DFP Controller with Power Switch

FA2200/2201/2203 is a USB Type-C Downstream Facing Port (DFP) controller with an integrated 3A power switch. It monitors the CC lines to determine when a USB device is attached. If an Upstream Facing Port (UFP) device is attached, this controller applies power to VBUS and communicates the selectable VBUS current sourcing capability to the UFP via the pass-through CC line.

Part No. Vin1 (V) Vin2 (V) Vaux (V) Ron (mΩ) Output Discharge OTP SCP Reverse Blocking Reverse Current Protection (RCP) OVP VOUT Breakdown Control Type Load Detection Power Wake Port Power Management Audio Accessory ID Debug Accessory ID I/O expander Current Limit Levels
4.5~5.5 4.5~5.5 3.0~5.5 40 7V GPIO via GPIO 2 (1.7A/3.4A)
4.5~5.5 3.0~5.5 3.0~5.5 35 ◎ 5.8V OVP 28V GPIO via GPIO 3 (1.2A/1.7A/3.4A)
4.5~5.5 3.0~5.5 3.0~5.5 35 ◎ 5.8V OVP 28V GPIO/I2C via Register 5 pins 3 (1.2A/1.7A/3.4A)