USB Charging Controller with Power Switch

FA3200/3210 is a USB charging port controller and power switch with an integrated USB 2.0 high-speed data line (D+/D-) switch. It provides the electrical signatures on D+/D- to support various charging schemes.

Part No. Vin_min (V) Vin_max (V) RON (mΩ) Output Discharge OTP OCP Load Detection Current Limit BC1.2 Charging Mode Sleep-Mode Charging Sleep-Mode Wake Up
4.5 5.5 78 SDP, CDP, DCP_Shorted, DCP Auto with Divider1~2, Samsung 1.2V Mode Mouse/Keyboard
4.5 5.5 82 SDP, CDP, DCP_Shorted, DCP Auto with Divider3 only, Samsung 1.2V Mode Mouse/Keyboard