The FA7603 is a small, ultra-low RON, single-channel load switch supporting a maximum 6A continuous current. The switch is controlled by an on/off input, which is capable of interfacing directly with low-voltage control signals.
In FA7603, a 220Ω on-chip load resistor is added for quick output discharge when the switch is turned off.


  • Typical 20mΩ On-resistance
  • 6A Continuous Current
  • Soft start time programmable by External capacitor
  • Wide Input Voltage Range (VIN): 0.8V to VBIAS
  • Supply Voltage Range (VBIAS): 2.5V to 5.7V
  • Output Discharge when Switch Disabled
  • Reverse Current Blocking when Switch Disabled
  • Enable control
  • DFN 2x2mm²-8L Package


Part No. Vin_min (V) Vin_max (V) VBIAS Range (V) Configuration Loading (A) Rdson (mΩ) Output Discharge Soft Start Timing
0.8 VBIAS 2.5~5.7 Single 6 20 Adjustable