The FA8202K6R is a single bidirectional voltage-level translator with an enable (EN) input and is operational from 0.7V to 5.5V for VREF1 and VREF2.
It allows bidirectional voltage translation between 0.7V and 5.5V, without the use of a directional pin. The low ON-state resistance (RON) of the switch ensures the connection to be with minimal propagation delay. When EN is high, the translator switch is ON, and the A I/O is connected to the B I/O, allowing bidirectional data flow between ports. When EN is low, the translator switch is off, and a high impedance exists between ports.
The translator provides excellent ESD protection to lower-voltage devices and at the same time protects less ESD-resistant devices.
When the A port is low, the clamp is in the ON state, and a low resistance connection exists in the B port. Assuming the higher voltage is on the B port, when the B port is high, the voltage on the A port is limited to the voltage set by VREF1. When the A is high, the B port is pulled up to the supply voltage by pull-up resistors. This function allows a seamless translation between higher and lower voltages selected by the user, without any directional control.


  • Allows Arbitrary Voltage-Level Translator Between Port A and Port B from 0.7V to 5.5V
  • 1-bit Bidirectional Translator
  • Provides Bidirectional Voltage Translation without Direction Pin
  • Low RON Connection Between Input and Output Ports Provides Less Signal Distortion
  • 5V Tolerant I/O Ports to Support Mixed Mode Signal Operation
  • High Impedance for I/O Ports when EN=Low
  • Lock-up-Free Operation for Isolation when EN=Low
  • SC-70-6L (SOT-363) Package


Part No. VREF1 Supply Voltage (V) VREF2 Supply Voltage (V) VREF1 Quiescent Current (μA) VREF2 Quiescent Current (μA) Input Leakage Current (μA) Cio (pF) @VEN=3V Cio (pF) @VEN=0V RON(Ω) @VI=0V, IO=64mA, VEN=4.5V RON(Ω) @VI=0V, IO=64mA, VEN=3V RON(Ω) @VI=0V, IO=64mA, VEN=2.3V RON(Ω) @VI=0V, IO=64mA, VEN=1.5V Channel (bit) I/O interface
0.7~5.5 0.7~5.5 0.1 0.1 0.1 15 5 2.5 2.8 2.9 3.0 1 I2S, I2C, SMBus